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Personal Hygiene Care for Your Child’s Health

Every child has a hobby of getting dirty. Playing around with friends under the heat of the sun or climbing trees. Whatever activity there is, it is always proper to maintain personal hygiene care for the sake of your child’s health. Make your child realize that being hygienic is as important as making friends. In addition, being clean can make them feel more positive about themselves

You need not to wear designer clothes just to look good. Even your home wear can make you already feel good just by being hygienic about yourself from top to toe. You, as a parent, have to explain things clearly to your child so that as early as possible, they can learn important tasks to stay hygienic.

Some simple ones are

  • Proper hand washing- after using the bathroom, before each meal etc.
  • Covering their mouth when they yawn, sneeze or burp
  • Regular showering or baths
  • Brushing/ flossing teeth 3 times a day

But there are some other ways to teach your children good hygiene:


Our bodies are surrounded by hair. No matter how thin or how thick it is, it’s still considered as hair.
Hair follicles produce oil that keeps hair smooth. Your scalp has sweat glands and dead skin cells. If
combined, sweat, oil and dead cells can turn your hair greasy and will look dirty not unless you wash it regularly. To keep your child’s hair clean, you must:

  • shampoo regularly (choose a brand that wouldn’t harm your child’s hair and scalp)
  • massage the scalp well to help remove unwanted dead cells, grease, etc.
  • rinse well with clear, clean water
  • if your daughter has long hair, apply conditioner to make it smoother but otherwise, conditioners aren’t really necessary.
  • when combing, use a wide toothed comb especially for wet hair.


Change your child’s clothes everyday. It is optional though, to change more than once a day. This only
happens when your child sweats a lot after playing under the heat of the sun. Immediately change your child’s clothes to prevent the build-up of microorganisms that produces body odor.


Advise your child to wash his or her feet well while taking a bath or right before bedtime. Dry them thoroughly with clean sheets of towel. If you’re going swimming and will wash up in public areas, it is also good that you advise to wash their entire body together with their feet thoroughly. This will protect them from acquiring infections or other people’s skin problems that they came in contact with while swimming in the public pool.


Spending a lot of time with your child’s feet is as important as your child’s shoes. A human’s feet is
considered as the area of body where sweat glands have the largest accumulation. Once your child’s feet sweats, it goes to the shoes and stick to it, thus, cultivating bacteria that may cause foot diseases. As soon as your child comes home from school, let them take off his shoes. Teach them how to keep their shoes clean by washing, brushing or polishing it.

Perfume and deodorants

“Smell nice” products can be used to accentuate your child’s proper grooming. If your child is old enough
to create body odor, it’s time to start buying deodorants to keep their armpit from smelling like vinegar.

Even if they are still young, it is good that you teach them the different aspects on how to be more conscious about their body. Being clean can attract a lot of friends and people. Personal hygiene can definitely improve your child’s health and other people’s impression about them.

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