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Addiction and Holistic Recovery

People face many health problems nowadays. Those individuals suffering from any kind of addiction often engage in uncontrollable behaviors so they can avoid anxiety, depression, and distressing state of moods.

Holistic recovery approach can offer these individuals with opportunities to experience the painful emotions safely and at the same time learn helpful ways to be able to manage negative behaviors and thoughts. Addiction and recovery are very important matters that require careful thought.

Most of today’s treatment programs for addiction mainly focus on destructive behavior and distorted thinking. Less attention is given to the true causes of anxiety and depression which drives the individual to have negative behaviors and thoughts.

The treatments can only best offer addicts with lectures and group activities wherein they can share their feelings. However, the treatments seldom offer addicts adequate opportunities to safely and directly experience their feelings and how to manage it creatively.

The holistic approach to addiction recovery will do what the treatments are offering and more. The approach is a combination of western and eastern healing. The supporters of this approach will teach addicts to use their own senses in order to assess emotions and at the same time, they will know how to manage associated distress effectively.

The seven senses include taste, touch, hearing, smell, internal sensations, balance, and sight. The 7 senses pick up different kinds of information every day and all the information are send to the brain. The body
consequently responds to the brain’s interpreted data. The body responses will always involve feelings.

Addicts who have undergone holistic approach to recovery are quite surprised to learn that humans can’t feel thoughts. They are also able to learn that anxiety and depression are simply physical sensations. Thoughts can bring forth physical distress if the brain construes the thought to be a threat.

For example, if you’re worried about something, a thought is usually attached to it. The person can’t feel the thought but what he or she is actually feeling is the body’s response to the thought. Sounds a bit confusing, right? But if you try to analyze it, it makes perfect sense. If this is properly explained and taught to addicts, they will surely understand it and how it works.

The thought brought about by the worry is interpreted by the brain as some sort of threat and so the body prepares to protect itself by releasing cortisol, adrenaline, and other chemicals. These chemicals can make your body hide, freeze, flee, or fight. Every human brain responds the same way to stress.

The sensations you feel will bring about tension, pressure, tightness, heaviness, and other feelings. The changes usually lead to anxiety and depression which can further lead to heart attacks and other more
serious conditions. If this process is not slowed down, recovery can’t be achieved.

The holistic approach to recovery will teach addicts to consistently and effectively ease the physical sensations. Patients are taught how to notice the senses, identify specific thoughts occurring, and how their body is actually feeling. The recovering addicts will now have the power to handle anxiety and depression that lead to addictive behavior.

It’s natural for humans to think, sense, feel, and do. If you want to recover from addiction, you must want it yourself and with the aid of the holistic approach to recovery, addiction and recovery can be addressed

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