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Cherry Fruit Extract

As an extract that is made from juicy and red-blue summer berries of the Prunus tree, cherry fruit extract is believed to acquire some medicinal qualities that would be beneficial for healing various forms of ailments. Numerous studies have found out the cherry fruit extract can give remarkable health benefits which often range from fighting inflammation to preventing the onset of gout, which is basically a painful joint condition.

So many health benefits have been found from the use of cherry fruit extract since the cherry fruit itself, which most of us love to eat including the sweet and tart varieties, are greatly abundant in antioxidants known as flavonoids that are so powerful and have a variety of therapeutic effects on the body.

Other cherry fruit extracts from the dark red-blue berries such as hawthorn berries and blueberries also give a number of similar beneficial anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds. In fact, it is the flavonoids contained in the cherry fruit extracts that are responsible for the outstanding color of all the cherry fruits.

As the flavonoid compounds contained in the cherry fruit extract, particularly those anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins, act as antioxidants inside the body, they hunt and ruin the altered oxygen compounds that are known as free radicals. Many experts then recommend the use of cherry fruit extract since many degenerative disorders have been recently connected to the tissue damage that are caused by the free radicals. Cataracts, Parkinson’s disease, and arteriosclerosis are just among the many results of the damage caused by such altered oxygen compounds.

There are also some studies conducted which reported that the flavonoids in the cherry fruit extract have the power to reduce the risk of death from heart attack especially in the middle-aged men who have coronary artery disease. As such, the higher the level of flavonoid-rich food like the cherry fruit extract that the men consumed, the lower is the danger of their heart disease deterioration.

With the flavonoids content of the cherry fruit extract, it is then thought the cherry fruit extracts can actually prevent the synthesis and release of the inflammation-promoting substances like the histamine for the fact that the cherry fruit extract has anti-inflammatory properties. This is mainly the reason that many practitioners of natural medicine favor the flavonoids content of the cherry fruit extract for treating allergies, arthritis, or any discomfort in which chronic inflammation is the cause or present.

With the flavonoids content of the cherry fruit extract, the cherry fruit extract thus has the capability to strengthen the collagen, which is the building fiber of connective tissue. This is basically done by means of cross-linking the fibers themselves. In fact, even the varicose veins may get some benefits from the anthocyanidins that are present in the cherry fruit extract for the reason that this type of flavonoid helps to strengthen the collagen fibers that are fundamental backbones of the vein wall. In this respect, the cherry fruit extracts are applied frequently in Europe for the treatment of varicose veins.

Cherry fruits extracts are now contained in liquid form and packaged in capsules. And anyone can take the supplement by alternating between the extract, fresh or canned cherries, and cherry juice. Aside from the cherry fruit extract, the juice and fruit can add benefit of extra fiber in the diet.

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