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Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are the clouded area that forms within the crystalline lens of the eyes. Cataracts block the light that passes through the eyes which results in blurred vision. The only known treatments of cataracts are through surgery. The vision in early cataracts can be improved by changing the prescription of the eyeglass, use strong lighting or by the aid of a magnifying lens for close work. However if the cataract interferes with your daily activities (making reading or driving difficult), you may have undergo a cataract surgery procedure.

In some cases, cataracts that are mild enough can be naturally removed through natural cataract treatment (like various herbs, exercise and alternative therapy). However if the individual who wants to have the cataract remove opts to choose this type of cataract treatment, they should always consult their doctor first because some medically prescribed drugs and natural herbs can sometimes have serious interactions.

There are also other forms of natural therapy although most of them are not scientifically proven to treat cataracts.  With today’s advance technology and research, undergoing cataract treatment is much convenient and effective. Most individuals who have cataracts tend to use eye glasses and contact lenses to correct their vision before the cataract becomes serious. On the other hand, traditional cataract treatments like eye glasses and contact lenses are only temporary for cataract problems because once the vision deteriorates because of cataracts, eye glasses and contact lenses will be useless. The only alternative will be cataract surgery. As stated above, having the cataract surgically removed is the only known cataract treatment.

Cataract treatment through surgery is the most common, successful, and effective surgery procedure in the United States today (it has a success rate of over ninety percent). Although complications may occur, most of those complications are minor and can be treated with additional procedures.

There are two types of surgery procedure in cataract treatment. These are the “phacoemulsification” surgery procedure and the “extracapsular” surgery procedure.

In the “phacoemulsification”, a small incision is done on the side of the cornea so that a tiny probe may be inserted. The probe emits an ultrasound wave that breaks the cataracts. The debris is then suctioned out of the eye. This is the most commonly performed cataract treatment procedure.

In the “extracapsular” procedure, a long incision is made on the cornea to remove the hard center of the lens in one piece while the rest of lens is then suctioned out. An “intraocular lens” is then inserted replacing the eye’s natural lens. This artificial lens becomes the permanent part of the eyes. Most of the intraocular lenses are made up of silicone, sometimes made up of plastic called “PMMA” or acrylic. The intraocular lens lets light pass through the retina thus improving the vision.

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