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A Paradigm of Addiction and Recovery

In a community where rampant addiction is on the loose, people who are in the recovery business is essential. It is important that people who are suffering from addiction can turn to people who are willing to save them from ruining their lives and other people’s lives.

This article reiterates the addiction and recovery process of a person who is experiencing some kind of addictive attachment at this very moment.

Addiction is defined in so many ways. It can be the continued use of a particular process, behavior or substance despite the psychological, emotional, social or physical harm that may occur. Addiction can be progressive and destructive in time which involves the compulsion and habitual signs of withdrawal upon ceasing or decreased consumption or use.

The truth about addiction is, it can be experienced by anyone. For those who have a higher status quo, expensive addiction is more relevant. Hollywood stars
are even affected by their lifestyle’s drawbacks.

There are addictions which are considered as primary namely: food and drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, internet addiction, obsessive-compulsive attitude, and even sexual addiction. These primary addictions require first class recovery that usually involves spirit and life rescues from the habitual attachment to behaviors and substances. Recognizing the links that causes the addiction can greatly help in treating the disorder.

Addressing the multicultural aspects of addiction is the work of institutes willing to help manage the disorders. Considerable years of addiction require considerable years of recovery in order to understand the effects and processes from the inside.

Freedom from the hands of addiction can be categorized in two phases namely the primary and the complete recovery.

What causes addiction?

Based on medical and scientific studies, addiction is caused by effects of coping mechanisms for an individual to control the reason for a person’s
problem. Usually, addiction is the product or childhood abuse, societal and family distresses, ignorance, trauma, and prejudice.

Addiction is a way for other people to self-medicate and be able to deal with the psychological problems resulting to the suppression rather than resolving the problem itself. Whenever a problem occurs and the person can no longer handle the messed up situation, addiction becomes their outlet.

Recovery is Possible

With the extensive research and efforts of support groups, the recovery of people who are into addiction is possible. One needs to undergo phases of recovery to be able to maintain the relationship of healing in the addicted person.

Complete recovery refers to the freedom from the burdens that restrict the being from any kind of addiction. Acknowledgement of involuntary habitual thinking, feelings and behaviors are important to pave the way in complete recovery beyond the expectations of primary addiction.

You can think of addiction as luggage that is filled with skeletons which needs cleaning up and proper furnishing. Recovery needs time and patience from the family and the individual. If the person is true to his or her recovery, then the process will be easier and more convenient.

Addictive recovery usually involves counseling and intensive activities that can bring out a person’s inner inhibitions and feelings regarding their problems. Within the stages of recovery, the addicted person will experience unlatching of self-diminishing thinking, behavior that can sabotage oneself and even depression.

Not until the underlying negative dilemmas are resolved will recovery from addiction be effective.

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