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Arthritis Risk

Having arthritis is common in most people of the world. In fact, approximately 350 million people worldwide have arthritis.  Almost 40 million people in the U.S are affected by arthritis, including over a quarter million children.  Even though it is a very common disease, it is painful and very incurable at the moment.  You can be at risk for getting arthritis and you may not even know it.  Some of the conditions cannot be changed but there are a number of things that you can do to prevent arthritis from happening to you later on in life.  Take a look at the risk in your life and what you can do to prevent arthritis from happening to you and causing great pain in your life.

You must first understand arthritis.  It can affect anyone of any age, gender or race.  Even babies at a young age of six months can develop arthritis.  It is true that your risks will increase after the age of 40. There are different things that can increase your risk of arthritis as well.  For example sports injuries can often occur and it is necessary to continue treating your injury throughout your life to prevent more serious conditions later on in life.

Weight is very important when it comes to having arthritis.  If you are more than 30 pounds overweight, having this extra stress can affect your joints and create arthritis pain.  Having a good healthy weight and exercising and eating right is very important when it comes to your health.

Genetics will also play a very important part in the development of arthritis.  There is not much that you can do to counteract it.  However if you live a good and healthy life, you can lower the risk of arthritis conditions in your body at a young age.  Women are more at risk than men for getting different kinds of arthritis pain.  This is because of the hormonal changes that a woman will go through.  Keeping hormones in order by seeing your doctor regularly will put you at a lower risk for arthritis.  African Americans are more likely to have lupus, which is an arthritic disease. Caucasians are at a larger risk for getting rheumatoid arthritis.  There are certain groups of Americans that are at risk for getting certain type of arthritis.

If you are at a greater risk for arthritis, you need to take the right steps to reduce your chances of getting a disease.  Having a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising well is going to keep you at a lower risk.  Even though arthritis can be difficult to deal with, you can prevent it from happening.

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