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Taking The Pimples Out Of PMS

“Noooo!” shrieks Shelly. Gazing into the morning mirror, Shelly sizing up the latest addition to her face, an anticipated, though uninvited pimple loitering on her chin. “It’s like freaking clockwork.”
Ironically, these pimples do arrive like clockwork according to dermatologist Alan R. Shalita, MD. During PMS, some women- like Shelly- release more androgens (male hormones) from their adrenal glands. This hormone release alters the skin pH and increases facial oil secretion, a combination that encourages an onslaught of acne eruptions.

Dr. Shalita’s research of how the menstrual cycle affects acne confirmed that premenstrual acne flare-ups are a reality for millions of women. However, Dr. Shalita offers a means for forecasting PMS pimples by pointing out that a previous investigation has demonstrated a link between the skin’s pore size and the menstrual cycle.

For example, the study showed that the skin’s pores are smallest in days 15 to 20 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. Facial oil secretion increased in days 21 to 26 of the cycle and decreased again two days before menstruation. The worst premenstrual acne flares occurred on day 22 of the average 28-day cycle.
It appears that Mother Nature, a procreative mastermind, designed the skin of women to look most radiant and alluring when fair-game maidens most likely have an egg in utero- awaiting a sperm bath.

If you are fantasizing that Mrs. Nature will ease up and that you will grow out of acne, dermatologist Alan R. Shalita, MD omens, “Acne that worsens during a women’s monthly cycle isn’t something that women will grow out of as they get older”.

“That’s some consolation doc,” snorts Shelly. Nevertheless, lay your worries aside ladies. You can derail PMS pimples with preparation.

Counteract the excess oil secretion during your PMS days by using clay masks to extract excess oils. Additionally, ensure that you are eating foods containing Omega 3 such as olive oil, salmon, spinach, mustard greens and rainbow trout. The essential fatty acid found in these foods helps the body eliminate pro-inflammatory substances that can trigger acne. Also, during PMS, give yourself permission to relax. Rest removes stress from your adrenal glands and helps reduce the amount of androgens circulating in your system.

In a word, you take the “pimples” out of PMS with preparation. And preparation is futile without practice. Unlike party planning, you can decide what shows up on your face.

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