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Desert Hands

All of us rely immensely on our hands. While they may be one of the most visible parts of our body, they tend to be subjected to plenty of abuse. From water, cleaning agents to polluted environments and overuse, our hands encounter all these everyday hazards. As such it is hardly surprising that the skin on our hands tend to lose the suppleness and glow way before the rest of our body shows any signs of ageing. And in the winter, the harsh environments can dry out our hands even more.

Too much water and chemicals is an ideal combination of rough and chapped hands. Chapped hands are the result of the skin on your hands becoming too dry and losing its intrinsic. Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by excruciating pain.

And as we age, skin loses its ability to retain moisture, becoming more porous and losing its natural elasticity. With chapped hands, the biggest problem is that the chapping further reduces your skin’s moisture retention capacity. So it is a Catch-22 situation that can be quite a painful experience for the sufferer, not to mention making for unsightly hands.

Hence, it is always important to protect your hands whenever you have to do any sort of cleaning.

A good pair of gloves can do wonders but do make sure you dry your hands thoroughly after rinsing, as improper drying is one of the main causes of chapped hands. Practicing proper care can keep chapped hands at bay.

Caring For Chapped Hands 

Since moisture retention is the biggest problem for chapped hands, the solution is to seal moisture into the skin. Applying moisturizer does hydrate the skin cells and alleviate dryness, but you have another problem retaining the moisture.

You may want to try recommended moisturizing treatments, such as the Balneum range of products that can restore the skin’s elasticity and facilitates the healing process to retain moisture. Religious application of such healing balms will soon give you soft, smooth, and silky skin.

Here are some quick treatments for chapped-hands:

  • Aloe Vera is a great solution. Break open a piece of the plant and rub the gel over your hands before sleeping. You’ll wake up to great hands.
  • Adding a little almond oil to the dishwater will soften your hands while you do the dishes.
  • A solution made of sea salt and lemon brushes onto your hands twice a week with an old toothbrush will slough off dead skin cells, soften hands and remove discoloration.
  • A concoction of honey and olive oil will do wonders for chapped hands. Rub clean hands with a coarse washcloth, apply the mixture and place hands in a pair of cotton gloves for 30 minutes.
  • Soak your hands in a warm cup of milk for five minutes to strengthen nails and hydrate skin. Milk is loaded with lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxyl acid that gently exfoliates dead skin and will give your hand a gentle glow.

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