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Halloween: Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Halloween, a joyful time for children of all ages, and even adults!

Costumes, candy, parties and more!

But this year is different for almost all of us. These are such unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean we have to pause life completely.

While some are staying extra cautious and choosing to stay in this year, some are still going out trick or treating and some are doing special events so their children can still enjoy this yearly occasion!

Here are some safety tips and activities to do while celebrating Halloween this year

A local haunted forest or corn maze is a great option as it will allow social distancing, it is also recommended to use a face covering and one-way walk through is also encouraged.

Virtual Halloween Costume Contest or Party- a great way to still get dressed up and have some fun!

Halloween Move Night At Home– decorate inside your house, dress up and put on some great Halloween flicks!

Pumpkin Carving– Do this with your kids alone or even host a virtual party showcasing the best

Halloween Themed Treasure Hunt in your own backyard- a great way for kids to be engaged, dress up and find some goodies!

Halloween Crafts at Home- Make some spooky arts and crafts, decorate the inside of your house with the kids.

Halloween Baking- Make your fav snacks and make them extra spooky

If you do let your children go trick or treating, there are some precautions that should be taken:

  • Carry hand sanitizer so you may use it after each house if needed
  • Stay away from crowds and clustering. Avoid face to face contact
  • Follow safe distance rules even when outdoors- including when receiving the candy from your neighbor.
  • Once home: Remove the costume including any gloves and immediately put in the washer. Dispose or cleanse the mask as needed and ensure everyone has thoroughly washed their hands.

Halloween can still be fun. Make the most out of it and of course- stay safe while doing so!

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