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Simple Steps To Avoid ‘Winter Itch’

Winters are beautiful- but they can also be torture on our skin.

Cold weather conditions can take it’s toll on our skins. Especially for Canadians or anyone living toeards the North where temperatures can really drop.

Here are some helpful tips you can follow this season to avoid the dry, itchy skin that affects that can come with the winter season:

Make sure you use moisturizers regularly, particularly after bathing or washing your hands. Look for products  which contain Vitamin E, Aloe or urea, a moisturizing factor and keratolytic agent that removes dead, dry skin to reveal softer skin.

Avoid overheating rooms. Use humidifiers to keep heated indoor air moist. Humidified air is easier to breathe, too.

In terms of washing, baths dry out the skin more than showers, and hot or cold water is more drying than warm. One or two thorough baths or showers a week can be supplemented by daily sponge baths under the arms.

Use a mild soap or wear rubber gloves if you need to handle strong detergents or other chemicals.
Avoid excessive friction on the skin, such as scrubbing with harsh washcloths or wearing woolen clothing.
Stay away from irritants or substances which can trigger allergic reactions.

Bundle up when you go outside. Cover exposed skin in windy or cold weather.

Be good to your skin!

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