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The First Key To A Good Night’s Sleep

As the evening progresses towards bed time you need to start preparing your body for sleep. At this point in the day your mind and body requires a soothing bedtime routine in order to relax. Bed time routines are a significant sleep aid if you follow them consistently. Your body and mind need to have consistency at this time so that you can learn to fall asleep naturally.

Once you have read this book you should decide on a sleep improvement plan and apply it for at least a week before making changes to your routine.

Your sleep improvement plan should include a bedtime and a waking up time. In addition you should keep a list of the herbs, vitamins, and teas you have tried and how well they aided your sleep.

Because your body requires consistency and adjusts only slowly to change you need to stick to each new routine for a week or two before you adjust it. If you are still experiencing difficulty sleeping after you have tried sleep plan for a week or two, you can then make appropriate adjustments. The key to finding an insomnia cure that works for you is to be consistent and determined.

Your first goal should be to establish a regular sleep schedule. Keeping a regular sleep schedule means waking up each morning at the same time, even when you have the time to sleep in longer. Sleeping longer in the morning will only make you feel groggy and disoriented; it will not make you feel more rested.

According to leading sleep experts you should get an average of seven to eight hours of sleep each night but this sleep has to be balance in order to be restful. You can’t make up for a late night by sleeping in. Lost sleep can’t be recovered so, if you find that you’ve lost some hours of sleep one day, your best course of action is to struggle through that day and resume your sleep schedule that night.

It is important to realize that a regular bedtime routine is imperative to your goal of achieving natural sleep. Create a routine that will prepare you for sleep. Try to get ready for bed at the same time each night. The first step in creating a successful bed time routine is to determine which hours make the most sense for you. Once you have chosen a bed time, stick to it.

This course will suggest many sleep aids and insomnia cures which you can include in your bed time routine; however, your routine can be as simple as brushing your teeth or reading a book at the same time every night. Whatever routine you decide on it will be a way of telling your unconscious mind that it is time for you to fall asleep. Your routine needs to be as relaxing as possible so that your mind can rest. Just before bed is not the right time for stimulating music, exercise, or conversations.

In order to be sleepy at bedtime, make sure that daytime naps are not part of your daily routine! Even a short cat nap taken during the day will confuse your body’s ability to differentiate between day and night sleeping.
To prevent yourself from napping and thus triggering insomnia later in the evening, make an effort to try staying active when you are feeling tired during the day. When you feel sleepy during the day, you can exercise or eat a small piece of fruit to increase your energy level.

Natural remedies work differently for each individual, so don’t become discouraged if you have to adjust your nightly routine a few times. Think positive thoughts as you design a sleep routine that is right for you. With perseverance and determination you will conquer your insomnia and achieve natural sleep.

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