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‘Tis The Season To Be Healthy

The days are shorter, snow is falling, family is gathering – all a sure sign of the holidays.

And while the holidays bring laughter and cheer, it can also bring colds, snuffy noses, and coughing.

No one wants to feel sick during the holidays.

So how we can make sure our immune system is strong this holiday season – and even all year through?

Here are my 5 top ways to boost your immune system to ensure you are healthy and ready to celebrate!

1. Get That Vitamin C Into You!

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that assists in the formation and maintenance of bones, blood vessels, and skin while strengthening your immunity. This nutrient is found naturally in several foods, especially in fruits and vegetables. Additionally, vitamin C supplements are also available. A liquid vitamin is a great idea as it will absorb much better for you. Check out Purality Health’s Vitamin C here!

2. Wash Those Hands!

We use our hands A LOT – we are always touching things and of course this means we are also touching germs and bacteria. Ensuring you are washing your hands as often as you can will help rid them of bacteria and anything that may cause us to catch a virus. Wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water, especially after being out in public.

3. Catch Your Zzzz’s

Sleep is fundamental for so much. And it’s no surprise sleep and our immune system go hand in hand. Lack of sleep can actually weaken our immune system. Getting adequate sleep will help keep your immune system in check. And of course you will feel more rested and energized!

4. Eat A Balanced Diet

‘You are what you eat’. This statement actually holds a lot of truth to it. A healthy diet with plenty of micro-nutrients will help keep your immune system strong and able to fight off infections. Particularly foods  Foods rich in healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, protein, minerals. Foods full of empty nutrients will not provide your body with the proper support it needs. I know it will be super tempting to indulge in the yummy foods of the holiday – but moderation is key!

5. Get Moving

Physical activity may help flush out bacteria,  clear the airways and it slows down the release of stress hormones. It also decreases your chance of developing some diseases, such as heart disease and fatty liver disease, and it keeps your bones strong. You don’t need to overdo exercise either. Too many rigorous workouts can actually weaken the immune system and leave you vulnerable to flu and viruses – but just a few walks around the block a day can go a long way!

This is a joyous time of year! Don’t let a pesky cold ruin your holiday plans. Build up that immune system and enjoy the beauty of the holiday season 🙂

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