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Ways To Improve Blood Circulation

Blood Circulation plays an important part in our being. In order to stay healthy it is very important to have good blood circulation. Proper blood circulation helps in transferring nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body. Lack of good blood circulation causes diseases due to harmful foreign particles entrapped in the tissue.

Many of us do not have any idea about the value of a good blood circulation.

Some common problems you may face without proper blood circulation are:

• Hypertension: A common problem found with many people mainly middle-aged and elderly people. This happens because cholesterol plaques are deposited along the walls of the arteries, causing it to harden.

• Varicose Veins: This happens when the walls of the veins loses its elasticity. Lack of exercise, increasing age, junk food just adds to the stress escalating this problem from one leg to the other.

Improving Blood Circulation

• Calendula known as Calendula Officinalis is an important source to improve blood circulation.

• Tamari Bancha Tea helps in neutralizing acidic blood condition. This tea also enhances blood circulation which in return relieves fatigue.

• Ume-Sho-Bancha with ginger is another source of improving your blood circulation.

• Ginkgo Biloba also has the ability to improve blood circulation to the brains extremities. It increases the sharpness of the mind, in relation to all the ages.

• Onion too can improve the blood circulation level, as well as relax the muscles.

• Hydrotherapy also known as hot and cold shower also works well to improve blood circulation.

• A simple exercise like walking, which anyone can do is one of the easiest ways to increase blood circulation level.

• Exercising also increases blood circulation which helps the muscles and other tissues.

• One can heighten the poor blood circulation problem by infusing rosemary leaves or flowers with red wine.

• Damiana, Turnera Afrodisiaca is known for it aphrodisiac and mood elevating qualities. It also happens to improve and enhance our blood circulation. The improved blood circulation helps in governing the hormone production as well as fights mild depression, sexual disinterest and menstrual problems.

• Massaging, as many of us tend to perceive is an act of relaxation, but it is more than that. The touch of hands and legs in appropriate places calms your muscles and joints, relieves stress as well as improves blood circulation which helps the body in many ways.

• Reetha is rich in iron, phosphorous and vitamin A, making it very useful for your hair due to these properties. Soak reetha overnight to make a paste. Apply this on your hair and keep it for an hour. It induces new life in your hair due to improve blood circulation in the scalp.

• Cayenne, Ginger, Garlic and Ginkgo are some of the best defenses against poor blood circulation. Tincture from these is easily absorbed by the body which helps in reducing cholesterol level, cleansing the blood, preventing heart disease and also fights atherosclerosis.

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