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Quit Smoking- Mission Impossible and Making it Possible

To leave one of your favorite habits is really a very tough thing. Even, cutting up the quantity is also a difficult thing to do. For Instance, after doing your check up, your doctor has advised you to take little amount of sugar in your tea or cut down the amount of salt in your food. Cutting the amount of either salt or sugar is very tough; you will feel as you are going through a torture. Similarly, if the lessening of amount is tough, then completely quitting up your favorite time pass or habit sounds impossible.

One will feel that he has been given a ‘mission impossible’ to accomplish. But, as we all know that smoking is like a poison and its only work is to destroy the person, who is having it with such a delight. The only thing one need is to determine to quit it at any cost. Do not bother about the time you are taking in quitting it. You have already taken the first step towards quitting this habit. If one even determines of quitting it, that means you have already won half of the battle.

It is quite possible that you will not get your desired destination in the very first attempt. So, never lost your cool, keep trying, and always remember that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

To get rid of this smoking habit is a difficult task to perform, as cigarettes and all the smoking objects has nicotine in its content. Nicotine act as an addictive and the smoker becomes addicted to it. Nicotine enhances the quantity of dopamine in the body. When this dopamine enters the brain, the smoker gets a nice feeling, due to its effect.

Sometimes, experts advise to intake a little quantity of nicotine, until you get rid of it completely. It is a slow but in the meanwhile an effective process in getting rid of the smoking habit permanently. There are several products available in the market that can replace nicotine, such as nicotine patch or gum. Apart from all these options, the most important thing one must take care is the determination of quitting it permanently.

One major hindrance on your way to quit smoking is the routine you are following to smoke. In your daily routine, you have given a special place to this habit. While working in an office, you often smoke during intervals, or after dinner, or having drinks in a party, or when doing nothing, just to pass your time.

The first thing you must do is to decide a proper date that from this day onward ‘quit smoking’ mission starts. Begin this mission by not to smoke during these intervals. It may be possible in the beginning to find it a little difficult. So, try to divert your mind on some other things and slowly you will notice a considerable progress in you.

Your decision of getting rid of smoking completely is not only good for your health, but your family members will also get benefited from it. It will not only benefit you health wise but will also enable you to utilize these intervals creatively. Moreover, the money you were burning on it can also be used for some good cause.

While quitting this bad habit, do not get pessimistic but try to enjoy this phase with something constructive. The best thing one can do is to join any exercise program under the guidance of an expert trainer. Exercise is the proper replacement of smoking, as smoking makes you feel a little elevated, so do the exercise.

Always try to keep your hands and mouth busy by having chewing gum or ice cream or anything that engage your hands and mouth.

Quitting is not an easy task for the smoker. The smoker has to go through many difficult phases, but one should never dishearten and keep trying. One thing you must consider is to be ready for every kind of situations and still not giving up the determination. The quitting of smoking will give you and your loved one’s, lungs and hearts a new life.

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