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Summer Safety 101

Summer is here. Which means we are all out and about – exploring nature and soaking in all it’s beauty.

But it also means we are exposed to some of the harm nature can cause as well.
Summer safety is essential for a safe and happy summer. No matter what age you are.

Here are our 7 top safety tips for n safe and enjoyable summer!

  1. Make sunscreen your best friend. We love the sun – but it can be very harmful to our skin. Be sure to apply sunscreen before spending anytime in the sun, And re-apply throughout the day (every 2 hours or after getting wet). Try to also choose a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum with an SPF of at least 30. This will ensure you have the best protection.
  2. If you are going out in a boat – life jacket! Life jackets for everyone on board is not only crucial for safety, but it also the law. If you go out on the water in a boat, it’s imperative you have 1 life jacket per person on the boat. Also making sure they fit everyone so they offer the most protection.
  3. Stay hydrated, Keeping our fluids up is always a good thing but especially in the summer. We tend to sweat much more in the summer, so our bodies need more fluid so we do not get dehydrated. It will also help prevent heatstroke.
  4. If you feel lightheaded, have a rapid heart rate, or feel nauseous, seek shelter and assistance immediately. This could be a sign of heat or sun stroke.
  5. When out at night, be sure to use bug spray. There are many natural bug repellant options as well. While mosquito bites are more annoying than anything, they do have the potential to carry unwanted diseases.
  6. Swimming is a summer staple. But swimming can be very dangerous. An adult must always accompany a child while swimming. Stay in the shallow ends. And if swimming at the beach, be sure to check to see if a life guard is on duty. Never go swimming alone. The beach is wonderful however tides and underflows can sneak up on even the best swimmer.
  7. Be prepared for a day outside. Sunscreen and water are priority – but also ensure you are taking time to eat – and get out of the sun for a bit. Short breaks throughout the day to ensure the shade and eat a snack are a great way to give your body a moment of rest and nutrition.

Above all else this summer – HAVE FUN! Enjoy – and of course – be safe 🙂

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