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Estrogen Replacement Therapies: What You Need To Know

What is Estrogen replacement? For a guy, its one of those subjects that would least interest them to know. But for women, this is vital information that could be very vital for them.


For starters, oestrogen functions as the primary female sex hormone composed of a group of steroid compounds, named for their significance in the oestrus cycle. It may be existent in both men and women, but they are usually present at extensively higher levels in women of reproductive age. At such period, oestrogen support the development of secondary female sex features, such as breasts, and are also involved in the thickening of the endometrium and other aspects of regulating the menstrual series.

Sources of oestrogen include the ovaries, the corpus luteum, and the placenta. Smaller amounts of it are found in the liver, adrenal glands, and breasts. These secondary sources are known to be very beneficial to post-menopausal women.

Downfall of Estrogen

In the later part of a woman’s life, around the age of 50, her ovaries face the tide of menopause, a period when it finally ceases producing estrogens. For ladies who wish to avoid discomfort and the agony of health problems caused by diminished circulating estrogens, Estrogen Replacement Therapy (or ERT) is an option to choose. The treatment involves a sequence of drugs intended to synthetically boost hormone levels.

As the name suggests, ERT replaces hormones which the ovaries no longer produce, either through natural or surgical menopause, and provides relief from the horrible symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.


There are certain substances that are used in the ERT: such as conjugated estrogens or conjugated equine estrogens under the brand name of Premarin; patch; estrogens made of singular estrogen compounds; drugs such as raloxifene and alendronate; herbal remedies such as Black Cohosh, known to help reduce menopausal symptoms; and other hormones involved such as progesterone or progestins,.

Pros and Cons

The ERT have its own share of pros and cons to the lifestyle of women. It really does change ladies’ lives in an overwhelmingly excellent way. But at the same time, one would have to weigh the consequences it provides before deciding to undertake such therapy.

However the consequences, advantages seem to outnumber them. The use of conjugated estrogens is usually known for significant drop in the occurrence of heart disease and osteoporosis, including a decrease of approximately 10% in the incidence of heart disease and stroke, over non-estrogen users.

The levels of PA-1 are discovered to plunge down by around 50% when an intake of Conjugated estrogens is done with or without the presence of progestins. PA-1 is said to be the vital inhibitor of fibrinolysis which multiplies in women after menopause and may risk a lady’s life of cardiovascular disease.

If you really need it and if you have the right amount of money, why not undergo ERT? But always remember to weigh the pros and cons that ERT provides. It has a lot of incentives but the fact that it increases the risk of breast cancer; it is advisable for women whose ancestors had breast cancer in the past and those who previously had one, to stay away from ERT.

Weight all options with your doctor before deciding anything!

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