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Back To School Basics

The end of summer is near – labor day weekend is just ahead of us.

Which means – back to school!

While many parents may be rejoicing their little ones are going back, others may be sending theirs off for the first time.

Both come with adjustments. Seasoned parents may be used to the routine – but new parents may not know what to expect. We are here to help!

Here are some back to school basics to help you and your child get into the routine.

Stock up on Supplies

Ensure your child has everything they need for their first day. Pens, notebooks, calculater etc. You don’t want them to show up empty handed.

Adjust the bedtime routine in advance.

A strict school bedtime and wake up time are crucial. You will want to ensure your child has a set bedtime and wake up time for school. This will help make sure they are getting enough sleep and able to get on their way in the morning for a productive day a head.

Lunch Prep

Lunch can be tricky for parents of picky eaters. Pack what you think your child will enjoy eating and that will actually eat. Lunch time is infamous for switching lunches so try to entice them with creative snacks.

One thing to watch out for – allergies. Many children have allergies now and schools have switched to being nut free. Find out what the school allows for food before packing a lunch.

Emergency Contacts

Sending your child off can be scary. Always make sure you have an emergency contact updated in the event you cannot be reached.

School Bus Safety

If this is your child’s first time riding the bus – teach them some basic safety tips. No standing on the bus, staying in your seat, and most importantly – a safe way to exit and enter the bus where there is traffic.

If your child walks, make sure they have a walking buddy and are never left alone.

The first day of school can be nerve racking for both parent and child. Being prepared can help you both and ensure they have a safe and fun first day of school!

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