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Get Off Your Sleep Aids and Cure Your Sleep Disorder Naturally

With a large percentage of the public suffering from sleep disorders and it’s no wonder why many people cannot concentrate, are forgetful and are generally not functioning at an optimal level on a daily basis. Many people suffering from these sleep disorders and rely on sleep aids to place a band-aid on the problem. The problem with that is that there could be many uncomfortable side effects and these substances can become addictive.

Our bodies definitely need sleep and although it may vary from person to person it is best to average from six to eight hours of sleep every day. Also the release of your natural growth hormone is released during your sleep time which enables your body to stay healthier and more youthful. You will notice in yourself that if you don’t sleep well for more than a few days there is a dazed look in your eyes, your skin will look a little tired and dull and your attention to detail definitely diminishes. Your body needs the proper sleep to keep you young, healthy and sustain life.

So what can you do, maybe naturally to assist your body to calm down, relax your brain and body so that you can enjoy a healthy relaxing peaceful sleep and enable your body to replenish itself with a good sleep night after night.

Research has shown that meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques can be helpful for people with chronic insomnia. Exercise can help boost well-being and fitness, but it is most effective when people do it in the morning or afternoon.

Food is also a very important part contributing to your health and wellbeing. It also plays a major role in enabling the body to release the correct chemicals, naturally into the body to enable good solid sleep. For one, an amino acid called tryptophan, which is found in turkey, is the precursor to melatonin and serotonin, the natural sleep hormones. You see there is some truth that turkey makes you tired as illustrated when Uncle George falls asleep on the couch after Thanksgiving Day dinner.

There are also other foods that can be eaten in the early evening that can assist your body to release the correct chemicals and set up the proper conditions for sleep.

Firstly don’t eat after 7 pm. A large meal after this hour will take time to digest and may cause heartburn or indigestion which will affect your sleep patterns. It’s best to eat small portions or snacks two or more hours before bedtime. Try eating a small piece of cheese, a couple of slices of turkey, a few tablespoons of pure yogurt containing no sugar, or a handful of sunflower seeds, all of which contain or assist your body in producing tryptophan .

Dairy products also assist your the body to induce sleep. The old saying a glass of warm milk will put you to sleep does have significant. Milk and products containing calcium help the brain to manufacture tryptophan. Also the mineral magnesium which is a natural sedative can be found in wheat bran, brewers yeast, seaweed, almonds and cashews. Other things you can do are to always have a complex carbohydrate with a small piece of protein at dinner Also avoid snacks with sugar and stimulants like coffee and soft drink after 2 pm. Avoid chemicals that disrupt sleep, such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol

Take a warm bath or shower before bed. Do relaxation exercises before bed, including mindful breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. Make sure your sleep environment is pleasant and relaxing. Your bed should be comfortable, and your room shouldn’t be too hot, too cold, or too bright.

So when you are sitting there on the couch trying to relax from your long busy day don’t think about your sleep disorder or think about running to the medicine cabinet for another sleep aid but instead try having a cup a Chamomile tea and a handful of cashews, even try warming the cashews for 20 seconds in the microwave. It relaxing, soothing and will help your body sleep and stay more healthy and youthful.

Getting a good night’s sleep makes all the difference in how we feel. Get some rest and be ready to take on whatever the day holds for you!

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