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How To Beat Your Scalp Eczema

Many scalp Eczema sufferers don’t even know they have it, let alone how to cure it. The symptoms are pretty tough to spot as they can easily be mistaken for a few other conditions-for example, some people will experience nothing more than mild dandruff, yet others can have blisters on the scalp and even hair loss. I’ve put together a few tips here that should help you stay one step ahead of scalp eczema.

Eat Fish Oil
Omega -3 Fish Oil is well known for it’s multiple health properties, and one of which is the affect it can have on scalp eczema. It can take a while before you see the benefits of using the oil, but stick with it and you will see real benefits. You’ll find that you can find supplements at your local health food store.
Omega 3 fish oil contains some particular kinds of acids which your body uses in its breaking down of enzymes and particles. If you do a little research, you will see that the list of things these essential fatty acids can help you with is pretty amazing, and one of the most vaunted benefits is for your skin.

Eat Salads.
This doesn’t mean some kind of ready prepared vacuum packed fast food style salad, we mean a huge big piled plate covered in all different shades of greenery. The green stuff contains ingredients that are excellent for your skin-not only that but they are essential for your body in its regeneration cycle-so if it’s essential doesn’t it make sense to load up on it to get the biggest benefit?

It’s also essential to include some alfalfa sprouts in your salad. This is an amazing food, a super food if you will, that will help you treat many things. The main qualities are as an anti oxidant, which will get rid of the nasty bacteria and microbes which cause the irritation and discomfort when you have eczema. This is especially useful in scalp eczema, as the hair is naturally a very tough place to keep clean.

Not only will the sprouts help with the eczema, but they also have a few other excellent benefits-they are great “brain food,” keeping your synapses firing on all cylinders, and also very high in protein which is not only good for building and maintaining muscle, but it also prevents something called DNA destruction-this is what changes our body over the years, the process we call ageing. So in short, if you eat enough of these sprouts, it’s believed that you may stay youthful for longer!

Having eczema in your scalp can be pretty tough, as unless you wear a hat 24/7, it’s pretty much going to be on display. Hopefully you can put some of the tips above into practice, and you won’t have to wear that hat for much longer!


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