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Cutting Prescription Drug Costs

There are a number of ways to cut prescription drug costs-without sacrificing safety or effectiveness. Try these tips:

What’s In A Name?-Finding generic versions of name-brand drugs can cut costs by a significant percentage. For instance, people who take one of the more popular cholesterol-lowering drugs could save about $175 per prescription if they stuck to the generic versions.

 Finding Generics-Your pharmacist or doctor can tell you if the generic version of a drug is readily available in the U.S. You can also check with groups such as 1-800-USAVERX. The company gets drugs from FDA and World Health Organization (WHO)-approved facilities overseas. These markets do not have the same pricing regulations and patent laws as those found in the U.S. As a result, the company can offer generic versions of name-brand drugs-even if those generic versions are not available in U.S. pharmacies-at lower prices. Additionally, it offers name-brand drugs at significant discounts (about 60 percent) compared to U.S. prices.

For instance, Nexium is sold in the U.S. at a price of about $420 per 100 pills. The company offers the same pills for about $320. The generic version of the drug sells for about $200. Similarly, those taking a name-brand arthritis drug that sells for about $260 in the U.S. could get the same drug for about $180 from the company. The generic version would cost about $105. In addition, people can visit the site for discounts on Lipitor, Plavix and Fosamax.

The site also carries lower-priced versions of brand-name HIV/AIDS drugs as well as generic versions of the drugs that are not available in the U.S. The site gets its HIV/AIDS drugs from the same companies that sell the drugs to the Clinton Foundation’s AIDS project.

All the drugs offered on the site are priced lower than they are on the Medicare prescription drug plan and it offers the most popular medications for your pets as well.

Safe Alternatives-The company deals only with drug facilities that are approved by the FDA and the WHO, meaning the safety and efficacy of its drugs are strictly regulated. Additionally, the brand names it offers are identical to the brand names available in the U.S. Also, the company only deals with people who have prescriptions from doctors.

 An Ounce Of Prevention-Taking steps to control your health may also help control your drug costs. Talk to your doctor about ways to manage your condition or to prevent health problems from happening in the first place. Simple things, such as exercising regularly and eating a balanced, lower-fat diet, could help keep you and your wallet in shape.

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