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Breakfast – You Must Eat Breakfast!

You are probably spouting all the normal excuses right about now:
I’m not hungry in the morning.
If I eat breakfast, I am hungry again before lunch.
I don’t have time to make a good breakfast.
Fill in your favorite excuse ________________.

Let’s take a look at these excuses:
I’m not hungry in the morning.

Yes you are. Your body is starving for energy first thing in the morning. You have not eaten in 10-14 hours. How could you not be hungry. You have trained your brain to believe you don’t want food when you first wake up and your brain has accepted the starvation technique so it no longer sends you the hunger signals that early.

But, did you know that your body will not start aggressively burning calories until you add some food in the morning. If you wait until lunch before you eat, you have wasted half a day of calorie burning where your body has been trying very hard to conserve energy and not burn any fat. This is why you are feeling sluggish. By not eating breakfast, you are contributing to your weight problem in a BIG way.
If I eat breakfast, I am hungry again before lunch.

Good, you should be. This is proof that your body is doing it’s job and burning those calories. As long as you keep feeding it, it will keep burning. Eat-eat-eat… this is how to lose weight. Don’t believe me? What have you done in the past to lose weight? Starve-starve-starve, right? Did that work? Hmmmm…
I don’t have time to make a good breakfast.

Yes you do. If you have time to live, you have time to nourish your body. Breakfast is not pot roast and baked potatoes. It only takes a couple of minutes to cook an egg or toast a muffin. You don’t realize how much more energy you will have after a good breakfast. This energy will more than make up for the few minutes you took to prepare and eat breakfast.

Your excuse?

Trust me, it is not valid. You must eat breakfast or you will remain overweight.
If your way hasn’t been working, and you know it hasn’t, try my way. What’s the worse thing that could happen? Nothing? Not likely. Just try it, you will see the many great changes a breakfast can do for your mind and body.

You are going to eat breakfast, right? Great! I knew you would make the right decision. You will be so pleased with the results.

You are on your way to a much healthier, happier, slimmer you.
Keep it up!

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