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A Summer of Changes

For many of us around the world, this summer will be one of changes and unlike any other.

During these unprecedented times, our summers will likely not be filled with the usual vacations, beach visits, picnics, concerts, sport leagues and fun in the sun. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our summer and make the most of it.

Yes, the world is on a tight knit lock-down for the most part, but we can embrace what we can and enjoy the little things.

The sun will still shine and we will still have our summer.

For those with children, summers are usually filled with park visits, beach fun and family vacations.
And even though you may not be able to do those things, there are ways to still enjoy the summer while having fun in the sun with the family.

So you might be asking:  How Can I Still Enjoy My Summer?

The answer is more simple than you might think:

Be creative!

* Build an obstacle with household items in your yard

* Put up a badminton net and have a family tournament

* Set up a sprinkler for the kids to run through

* Set up a backyard water slide

* Throw a scavenger hunt

* Kiddie pools or an inflatable one are also great options to let the kids cool down without having to venture to the beach

* Paint with water on the driveway, deck or patio

* Have a backyard BBQ with your family and play some tropical music. And if you feel really creative, put up decorations! Bring the tropical vacation to your own yard!

* Family bike rides around the neighborhood

* On a rainy day- let the kids put on their swim suits and dance in the rain!

* At night, have a bon fire- roast hot dogs and make smores

And if you don’t have kids, don’t let that stop you! You can still do many of those activities as an adult!
Whether you live alone or with a significant other- you can still enjoy many great activities while social distancing and staying safe.

Have fun, and above all else- be safe and stay healthy 🙂

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