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Can Acai Berries Help You Lose Weight?

Acai berries are quickly taking the crown as one of the healthiest berries that you could possibly find. Nutritionists cannot get enough of these wonder-berries and recommend them for aiding weight loss, detoxification and looking after your general health. Acai berries can be used alongside calorie controlled diets and exercise plans to help you enhance your weight loss goals.

Acai berries originate from Brazil and like most berries are very nutritious. They are high in antioxidants and have anti inflammatory properties just like blueberries or blackberries. Plus they are delicious!

Weight loss is the most commonly known benefit of acai berries, but the fruit also has other advantages for your body. Acai is very nutritious. Eating 100 grams of acai puree will give you 2 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbs, and 0.2 grams of saturated fat. You also get vitamin A and calcium from acai.

Acai berries are excellent for looking after your all-round general health and are ideal for boosting energy. This energizing fruit contains a combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that that contribute to energy levels and stamina, while combatting fatigue and exhaustion. Thanks to its energy boosting properties, acai berries could help to give you that extra motivation to add in some exercise to your weight loss program and help you to work out for longer. Their amino acid content can also help to promote muscle performance, energy production, endurance and strength.

Other benefits of acai

Highly nutritious

Acai is very nutritious. Eating 100 grams of acai puree will give you 2 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbs, and 0.2 grams of saturated fat. You also get vitamin A and calcium from acai.

A study showed that acai has several other minerals, such as copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium. The body requires all these minerals for everyday functions.

May improve cholesterol levels

Some studies show that acai may lower cholesterol levels. A 2011 study in 10 obese individuals indicated that they had a lower amount of low-density or “bad” cholesterol in their bodies after drinking acai smoothies twice a day for one month.

More research is needed on the subject. Experts suggest that this effect of acai may be due to the presence of anthocyanins in the fruit. These are chemical compounds that improve cholesterol levels.

Acai also has sterols. These compounds prevent your body from absorbing too much cholesterol from food.

May improve brain function

Acai could also positively affect your brain function. Since it is rich in different plant compounds, these components can protect your brain from internal and external damage that comes from aging.

Most other research about the effectiveness of acai in improving brain health comes from animal study subjects. Human research will further determine if acai has the same effects on humans.

So on your next market trip, be sure to stock up on these delicious berries!


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