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Men and Cholesterol

More than 59 million men in the United States have high (over 200 mg/dL) or very high (240 mg/dL or higher),

High cholesterol (also called hypercholesterolemia) can put men at higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral artery disease. For many men, the risk from high cholesterol can begin in their 20s and it rises as they age.

What Are the Risk Factors for Having High Cholesterol?

  • Your diet is high in saturated fat. These fats, found in meat and full-fat dairy products, raise LDL cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol, found in eggs and organ meats, can also raise blood cholesterol levels, but not as much as saturated fat does.
  • You eat foods with trans fats. These are human-made fats found in partially hydrogenated oils. They raise LDL cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol — exactly the wrong combination.
  • You eat processed foods or foods high in carbohydrates. These types of foods have also been shown to increase LDL cholesterol.
  • You are overweight or obese. Extra weight increases LDL and lowers HDL.
  • You don’t get much exercise. Studies show that frequent exercise can boost HDL, the good cholesterol. Lack of exercise can lead to weight gain.

Is There a Link Between Testosterone and High Cholesterol?

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. It helps control growth and development and is linked to sex drive, muscle, and bone mass. Researchers are studying the idea that it’s also linked to cholesterol in some way. Some think it might help prevent heart disease.

Studies have found that testosterone doesn’t seem to have any effect on LDL — “bad” — cholesterol. But higher testosterone can lead to lower levels of “good” cholesterol in healthy men between the ages of 20 and 50. Researchers haven’t seen that happen in older men who take testosterone supplements, though.

As men age, their bodies make less testosterone. Older men are also more likely to have heart problems and high cholesterol. Testosterone can help get rid of fat and build muscle mass, both of which can make you less likely to have a heart attack.

Tips for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

High Cholesterol and Triglyceride (blood fat) can easily be controlled by following a few simple rules and without giving up some of the pleasures you enjoy most

Many men can lower their levels by incorporating the right diet plan, knowing what foods to stay away from, educating themselves on the benefits of natural herbs and having a simple exercise regiment.

  • Eat heart-healthy foods. A few changes in your diet can reduce cholesterol and improve your heart health
  • Exercise on most days of the week and increase your physical activity.
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation
Foods to Lower Cholesterol
  • Avocado
  • Fatty Fish
  • Nuts
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Fruits & Berries
  • Dark Chocolate & Cocoa
  • Soy Foods

Keep getting your cholesterol checked to ensure healthy levels. if you find you cannot lower it naturally, speak with your doctor about medication options.


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