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Carrots: The Master Key For Healthy Living

It slows ageing, promotes healthy vision, has anti-cancer properties, increases immunity towards various chronic diseases. Yes, carrot does it all for you. This natural health booster enhances your health on various grounds and fills in the essential vitamins to your body like pro-vitamin A, B3, C and E.

Other important advantages of carrot besides those mentioned above includes preventing various gastrointestinal complaints like colic and ulcers and it also prevents heart attacks and cancer by reduces cholesterol levels as it has high soluble fiber levels.

Health Benefits of Carrots

  • Carrots Promote Healthy Vision.
  • Carrots Balance Your Blood Sugar.
  • They’re Great for Weight Management.
  • They Might Lower Cancer Risk.
  • Carrots Help With Blood Pressure Regulation.
  • They May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease.
  • Carrots Support Your Immunity.
  • They May Boost Brain Health.

Tip: Carrots are more nutritious when eaten cooked. The valuable nutrients lie either in or just beneath the skin.

Beta-carotene, the main content of carrots, is mainly responsible for improving your vision. The vitamin A forms a purple pigment called rhodopsin the eye needs to see in dim light. Hence, if we don’t get adequate vitamin A, it can lead to night blindness.

Beta-carotene also acts as an anti-oxidant which prevents free radicals responsible for cancer and heart attacks. A study at Texas and Chicago states that men with higher content of Beta-carotene are 37% less prone to heart related diseases. Carrot has one more anti-oxidant called alpha-carotene which reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Tip: Cut off the leafy tops of the carrot before storing them. The leafy tops suck the vitamins from the main body robbing its nutrition.

You can make best use of carrots by adding it to your favorite juices.
Wow, see the magic of carrot which is so easily available and cheap too. So, eat some carrots and reap all the benefits!

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