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Deep Drugged-like Sleep In 30 Seconds!

Now, the Secret to Deep Drugged-like Sleep in Less Time It Takes To Read This Article!

Tense? Suffering incurable insomnia that a mound of Melatonin can’t cure? I used to share your pain, you see, I’m an obsessive compulsive. Thoughts ricochet my head even even past midnight. Now, as you are well aware, such internal noise pollution can do more damage to a good night’s rest than a physical jackhammer pounding away from outside.

You can’t even call the cops to take away the perpetrators of internal noise pollution!

Now the good news….

I found the solution!

Finally, I vanquish that Red-Eyed demon with an unstoppable 4-step approach that guarantees sleep- in 30 seconds. I did it, and so can you.

First, RELAX YOUR BODY. Lie flat on your back. Don’t curl. Imagine you’re floating on water. Allow the heaviness and undulation to wash over you.

Second, RELAX YOUR FACE. Be aware of your forehead. Your jaws. Release the tension in your teeth and lips. Allow them to touch.

Third, RELAX YOUR EYES. Lightly ease your eyes shut and have a sense of peace cascade over your eyelids. Float on a blank, unemotional sense of total detachment. And now the vital part….

Fourth, and most critically- BLANK OUT ALL MENTAL PICTURES. Imagine deep space. It’s a voice devoid even of echo. Fill your mind with that void. Wash your mental screen with pure unadulterated blackness.

Et voila! Follow those steps to the letter and you’d be snoring off in 30 seconds- far less time it would have taken you to read this article.

Here’s the rationale: Sleep is governed by your brain. Your mind flicks the last switch that powers you down. You can be so tired, but if the brain says, “no go”… then the body remains chugging.

Shut down your brain and you shut down your body.In just thirty seconds.

For me, sleep is critical. Sleep refreshes the mind and recharges the body. Without revitalization, you cannot achieve all the you desire to succeed at.

Treat yourself to quality sleep- and your waking hours with be fraught with success and productivity!

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