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How to Increase your Fertility

Are you trying to have a baby? For some, it’s as easy as blinking. But for others, getting pregnant may take a bit of time and effort. There are things that both a man and woman can do to help improve their chances for conceiving.

For the women, you may be on the pill and are ready to stop in order to have a baby. Many have heard it is best to wait a few months before trying to get pregnant. This is actually not the case. You will probably be more fertile in the first three months after stopping the pill than the three months following your last dose.

Both men and women should stop smoking before trying to conceive. It is important to detoxify your body to ensure both you and your baby will be healthy. Stop alcohol, caffeine and pre-processed foods. Concentrate on eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid dairy, sugar, salt and orange juice. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water, preferably filtered.

Daily exercise is important when trying to start a family. Try walking as a couple in the evening or joining a club together. After all, once your baby is here you won’t have that special time together – so take advantage of it!

Fertility can be increased by making sure you get plenty of amino acids, vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamins b and c. Folic acid reduces birth defects, so eat foods rich in folate. Iron and magnesium are important, so stock up on green vegetables, lean red meat, eggs, nuts, beans and rye.

Men should wear cotton boxer shorts and avoid overheating in jacuzzis, saunas and hot tubs. As with a woman, the man should avoid stress, alcohol and smoking. Antioxidants are also important for improving fertility chances, so eat foods rich in vitamins c and e, as well as zinc and beta-carotene. Concentrate on eating fruit, oily fish, grains and dark green vegetables.

Remember, conception may take a bit of time. So stay healthy, exercise, eat right and relax. And if you have questions regarding you or your partner’s fertility, your physician is just a phone call away.

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