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Infant Massage and Its Benefits

Do you know that babies, just like adults, need your gentle touch through massage? Yes, massage is also highly beneficial for babies, the reason that the concept of infant massage was born.

Infant massage has been practiced for years. Today, it seems to be sweeping the world with its strong presence. Well, I think one main factor that triggers the enduring popularity of infant massage is the fact that it offers a number of benefits to both parents and babies. Let’s take a look at its benefits.

Relaxes the Infant -In an infant’s life, stress is normal. This is also true in adults. However, although normal as it may seem, stress shouldn’t be left unnoticed. We should know how to keep our system free from that stress, and babies need that too. This is where the infant massage comes in to relax the baby. It is even nice to know that when the massage is practiced regularly, chances are the infants will know what relaxation is and how to go about it, even on their young age.

Improves Bonding -As you may know, touch is a very effective tool for building strong relationships. Well, that holds true with the infant massage as the gentle touch provided by the mother may convey nurturing and love. With infant massage, a good understanding between the mother and the child will no doubt develop, as each one will know what they need and who the other is. This is also the fact that makes this form of massage so great.

Upholds Communication -Infant massage is not just capable of relaxing and keeping the baby away from stress, but it opens up a significant channel of communication between the mother and the child. With the massage, parents will become more aware of the nonverbal cues of their baby, and that will somehow develop a sense of security and affection.

Improves the Baby’s Sleep -Usually, the end result of infant massage is sounder and longer sleep. Well, this is basically true as most infants, after experiencing a relaxing massage, tend to sleep for longer periods. The sleep is not even mild, but deep. For some parents, this is a pleasing experience, no doubt that most parents prefer to study infant massage than just sit there and watch their babies being bothered by stress and pain.

Provides Relief to Discomforts –Infant massage, according to certain studies, has the power to release both endorphins and oxytocin in the body. When these elements are released, the massage will no doubt relieve the baby from any forms of discomfort, such as teething, colic, emotional stress, and congestion. I guess you all know what these discomforts are as babies usually encounter these problems as they grow old. So once you see that your baby is going through such problems, an infant massage can be a great tool to use to make them feel better.

Infant Massage is Fun -Many parents find massaging their infants a funny, enjoyable experience. Just imagine a scene with a parent massaging the back of the baby. I bet you feel and see the enjoyment being shared between them.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more mothers, parents, and guardians are now considering infant massage. More and more people are in fact being trained to be able to teach and apply this healing art to the people who need to know. So if you are a parent, a guardian, or a sibling, then try to study infant massage.

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