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US Military Contractor Publishes Guideline for Surviving The Pandemic

If you’re counting on your government to shield you from the deadly coronavirus sweeping the globe known as COVID-19, I have a message for you…

Don’t be silly and wait for the government to intervene.

Leaked private recordings between U.S. health officials tell us…. they are in a state of mass panic trying to contain this outbreak.

Not only do they not know what to do…

They’re not really sure how many people are infected because the number is growing at an exponential rate and our testing infrastructure is very overwhelmed.

Schools are closing, restaurants are being mandated to shut down, casinos on the Las Vegas strip are closing.

Walt Disney World has only closed their doors three times in the entire history of their operation.

Once after JFK’s death, once on September 11th 2001 and now for over two weeks in retaliation to coronavirus.

It’s not a matter of IF people in your social circle will be infected, it’s a matter of WHEN.

As of writing this article, reports are showing global cases have surpassed 175,000.

There is 1 important thing you can do…right now…to save yourself and save your family.

A large US private military contractor dealing with deadly pathogens has published a guide on what steps you need to take to avoid this outbreak.

Please see this video about how to protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus. And I don’t mean N95 masks (they can’t protect you if a droplet gets in your eyes).

Smallpox killed 300 million people and had a LOWER mortality rate than coronavirus.

That’s the entire population of the United States and the coronavirus is playing out a very similar pattern.

Do you realize that once one of your family members gets it you won’t be able to take care of them or even see them for a two week mandatory quarantine period.

Because they could spread it to you and you might spread it to others.

Imagine not being able to hold or even touch your sick child.

Don’t let this outbreak happen to you, watch this video from a US private military contractor now.

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