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Natural Infant Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitoes are not as stupid as they look. They won’t go away just because you’ve been flaunting your fly swatter at them. In fact, mosquitoes are maybe even endowed with brains that are larger than the size of their tummies. Well, people said that mosquitoes used to be slow. And I mean real slow that you can apparently kill them using your feet. Hundreds of years of swatting at them probably motivated them to move fast, letting you do some stunts before you can successfully kill one. Otherwise, they would have been forced to extinction. Perhaps, this has driven people to come up with better means to drive mosquitoes away.

Research found out that mosquitoes are attracted more to children and people beyond 50 years old. Mosquitoes are carriers of deadly diseases like malaria, West Nile Virus, and dengue, among others. Even if there are only a few species carrying these diseases, mosquito bites in general are nuisances. There are people who have allergic reactions to these. Babies should be well-guarded against mosquito bites because they have weaker immune systems.

Not all mosquito repellants are safe to use on babies. If you intend to use one on your baby, look for the natural infant mosquito repellant. There are several of these available in the market. One such product is the Aromakids Mike Mozzie Spray-Away. This natural infant mosquito repellant is said to be safe for use because of its natural contents. You may directly use it on the skin, or you can spray it on your baby’s PJ’s, bedcover, blanket, or anywhere that mosquitoes might go about.

Another natural infant mosquito repellant is the Baby Bug Stopper. This basically works the same way as the other Bug Stopper products but is specially formulated for babies from birth up to one year. This natural infant mosquito repellant also uses all-natural elements excluding DEET and other chemicals that may be found in repellant products meant for older people. Because of its mild formulation, it is advisable to reapply it on your baby every hour if there is a high insect population.

There are other natural infant mosquito repellants that we already have at home but didn’t know about. Some people have tried and attested that rubbing alcohol is as effective as any other natural infant mosquito repellant in the market.

Some other natural ways are:

  • Citronella essential oil (you should always dilute citronella oil with another oil or with water)
  • Peppermint oil (also good for keeping spiders away)
  • Eucalyptus oil.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Vanilla essence.
  • Leave an open jar of Vicks or Menthol Camphor close to where baby sleeps.

When shopping for a natural infant mosquito repellant, make sure you read the labels carefully. Know the contents and make sure they are indeed as safe as they claim to be. After all, you don’t want to end up with more than just a mosquito problem.


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