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7 home remedies for tinnitus

Whether you are suffering with day to day tinnitus symptoms or you experience ringing in your ears every once in a while, there are a number of at home remedies for those in search of natural treatments or preventative measures.

Here are 7 easy, home remedies to help ease the symptoms of tinnitus.

1. Invest in ear protection products.

If you are suffering from tinnitus, protecting your ears from loud noises is essential. Wear earplugs or noise cancelling headphones when exposing your ears to loud noises at home such drills or hedge trimmers. Most of love concerts, the thrill of live music. However it can be very damaging on our ears. Ear protection is recommended for those suffering symptoms to avoid further discomfort.

2. Meditate regularly.

Over time, the symptoms of tinnitus can cause stress and anxiety and incorporating regular meditation or relaxation sessions can help to keep stress to a minimum. Stress is known to make tinnitus symptoms worse and while relaxation techniques or meditation aren’t cures, they can provide stress relief which in turn can improve your quality of life.

3. Try yoga.

Again, stress-busting techniques such as yoga can help you to quieten a racing mind. A constant ringing in the ears can affect concentration and honing in on particular yoga postures can increase your focus and allow relief from racing thoughts.

4. Make a playlist.

Music is known for its soothing properties and creating a playlist with relaxing tracks on it can help you to unwind and distract you from the ringing in your ears.

5. Remove built up ear wax.

Tinnitus symptoms are commonly caused by a buildup of ear wax. If this is the cause of your symptoms  preventing the buildup of wax can provide natural, at home relief. Use 1 or 2 drops of olive oil once or twice a week to prevent wax build-up and keep it moving naturally out of the ear. It is highly discouraged to insert cotton buds, pens, knitting needles or other objects in the ear to try and remove ear wax, as this can result in damage to the ear.

6. Download a soothing App.

Sound therapy is another option you can try to ease the symptoms of tinnitus. Whale sounds, wind chimes, beach waves and rainfall are just a few of the sounds that you can use to relax. You can download an App to your phone or other electronic device and use these sounds as and when you need them.

7. Run a warm bath.

Another relaxation technique is to have a long soak in the bath. Add your favorite salts and oils and let your body and mind unwind. Dimming the lights and soaking by candlelight is also a great way to relax while having a warm bath. 



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