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Safe Natural Treatments For Head Lice

Lice. No one wants them. And many don’t know how to treat them if they do decide to hitch a ride on you or your child. Here are some common symptoms of lice:

  • Intense itching on the scalp, body or in the genital area
  • Tickling feeling from movement of hair
  • Lice on your scalp, body, clothing, or pubic or other body hair
  • Lice eggs (nits) on hair shafts
  • Sores on the scalp, neck and shoulders

If you are like most parents, you want a safe and effective treatment for head lice. Most treatments are toxic and are not recommended for toddlers. Here are three different treatments from parents. As always, this is not medical advice. Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Treatment 1:

Combine 1/2 tsp. each of Eucalyptus, Pennyroyal and Rosemary. Then add 2 1/2 tbls. pure olive oil. An Adult needs to try the mixture on his/her skin to make sure it doesn’t burn. If it does, add more olive oil. After washing your child’s hair with very hot water (as hot as the child can stand!) Comb the oil mixture through hair with a regular comb (throw away kind) Then use a flea comb, comb out any nits or eggs. Tie a cotton scarf around child’s head and leave on over night. It may tingle, but if it burns wash out immediately and dilute the mixture and try again.

Wash hair with a good tea tree shampoo. This should take care of the lice, however if necessary repeat the treatment. To prevent lice (when it has been reported in your child’s school) rub tea tree oil or sassafras oil into the scalp.

Treatment 2:

A natural alternative to killing head lice is to use mayonnaise. Cover the entire scalp and hair with mayonnaise, cover with plastic wrap and leave on about half an hour. Shampoo and remove all the nits or eggs.

Treatment 3:

For best effectiveness, use a safe, pure soap like Botanic GOLD™ and carefully follow the directions below. Every step is important.

On a dry head, start at the nape of the neck along the hairline and work around the head saturating the hair as you go moving towards the crown where the hair is tied up. Remove the clips or pony tail and continue to apply the soap using enough to completely saturate the hair.

Massage the head and work into lather then comb through hair to ensure coverage (use a metal, regular toothed comb). Wrap or tie the hair back up on top of the head. Every ten minutes or so, massage the hair until 30 to 40 minutes have past. DO NOT RINSE AND DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY. (Reapply if necessary to keep moist.) The next day, follow the instructions above “THE NEXT MORNING”.

NOTE: DO NOT USE Botanic Insecticidal Soap.

Sanitation Instructions for ALL Treatments

Lice are highly contagious and it is extremely important that they are eliminated as fast and completely as possible. When lice are first detected, it is wise to launder everything with which the infected person has come in contact. Use hot water and a non-toxic liquid soap.


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